Department Policy

Athletic Department Policy
Highland Prep adheres to the following Athletic Department policies.

Transportation Procedures

  1. When team transportation is provided, the student/athlete is required to ride to and from the game with the team. Any request to do otherwise must come directly from the parent to the coach. We ask parents to avoid doing this on a regular basis because we believe that team travel is a vital part of the overall sports experience and is conducive to team unity.
  2. Student/athletes are to comply with all school travel and safety policies including wearing of seat belts (if available). School vehicles should be treated with respect and kept clean.
  3. Student/athletes should conduct themselves with acceptable behavior while in school vehicles and restaurants. “Loud talking” and “horseplay” are not acceptable behavior.
  4. Parents should arrive to pick up their student before the school vehicle arrives at the school. The coaches will remain on campus until all students are gone. It is not desirable for coaches to wait long periods of time for students to be picked up. Please make pick up arrangements prior to games.

The school will make every effort to provide team transportation to all away games. When school vehicles are not available, parents will be asked to provide team transportation.

Communication Procedures
The following is the chain of communication for questions and concerns that may occur before, during, or after a sports season.

  1. The student/athlete addresses questions or concerns to the coach.
  2. If not satisfied with the outcome, the parent/guardian may meet with the coach.
  3. If not satisfied with the outcome, the parent/guardian may meet with administration

Coaches will not address questions or concerns immediately before, during, or after games. Please allow 24 hours before directing such questions or concerns. Administration will refer questions or concerns through the appropriate chain of communication.

Tryout and Playing Time Procedures
It is unfortunate that in certain situations student/athletes must be cut from a team. It would be ideal to keep everyone who tries out and guarantee them playing time, but in some situations that is not possible. The decision to cut a student/athlete is a difficult one and not taken lightly by any coach. The criteria the coaching staff will use for cuts include but are not limited to attitude, attendance at tryouts, skill level, overall strength and conditioning, participation in out of season programs, and other sport specific categories established by a particular head coach. The factors the coaching staff will use to determine playing time include but are not limited to attitude and effort, attendance at meetings and practices, understanding and execution of concepts and strategies, quality of other players at the position, physical condition, ability to contribute to team success, score of the game and time remaining, and program level (varsity, junior varsity).

Spectator Code of Conduct

  1. Parents and fans are discouraged from coaching (yelling things instructional in nature) from the stands, as well as second guessing coaching decisions. Such things may contribute to confusion and tension for the athletes and ultimately detract from their performances.
  2. Parents and fans should take care to remember the basics of good sportsmanship:
  3. Show respect and appreciation to opponents.
  4. Respect and honor decisions made of game coaches.
  5. Respect and honor the decisions of game officials.
  6. Parents and fans must remain in the stands at all times unless they have been issued a field or court pass by the head coach.
  7. Parents and fans must respect home and away facilities by keeping them clean and following any posted or published rules.
  8. Highland Prep wishes to be known as having the character of “Good Sportsmanship” to the athletic community. This means:
    1. Encourage all participants including players of both teams, all coaches, all officials, and all administrators.
    2. Be positive and avoid harsh words. Take care to see that your comments regarding the players on either team, coaches of either team or officials are necessary, kind, and truthful.

The school reserves the right to restrict attendance for inappropriate behavior.

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