AZ Tax Credit

Highland Prep West is committed to offering a depth and breadth of extra-curricular programs to further the extraordinary preparation of our students for college and career. The Arizona Tax Credit program serves as the primary source of revenue for extra-curricular programs and student activities. From Robotics to Student Council, Athletics to Performance Band, National Honor Society to Yearbook Club; we rely on our school community to maintain this vibrant, competitive advantage offered to our students at Highland Prep West.

About the Arizona Tax Credit Program
The Arizona Tax Credit program allows you to dedicate money to schools while reducing your tax liability to the state by the same amount. Anyone can participate, married or single, with or without children. Donations may be used for any school sponsored activities or for character education programs.

How the Arizona Tax Credit Program Works
For every dollar you donate, the amount of your Arizona taxes will be reduced by the same amount. If you have no tax liability, the amount you donate may be carried forward for up to five years to offset future tax liabilities.

Contributions claimed as a credit cannot also be claimed as an itemized deduction on your state income tax return. You can still claim them as an itemized deduction on your federal income tax return.

About the Arizona Tax Credit Law
Arizona tax law (ARS§43-1089-01) allows tax credits up to $400 per household toward extracurricular activities in public schools. Couples filing jointly may receive a tax credit up to $400. Individuals may receive up to $200. Extracurricular activities are optional, noncredit, educational activities provided by the school. Examples include athletic programs, fine art programs, after school clubs, and enrichment activities.

“Donations received on or before December 31st will be eligible for a tax credit for this year’s federal taxes and on or before April 15th for a tax credit for this year’s Arizona state taxes. Donations received after these dates will be eligible for a tax credit for next year’s Arizona state and federal taxes.”

To make an Arizona Tax Credit donation, complete and return the form below along with your check made payable to Highland Prep West.

Arizona Tax Credit Form – click here

You can opt to do an electronic donation through Paypal below.

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