College Coursework

Highland Prep provides students with the opportunity to participate in college and university coursework through Dual College Enrollment Math and Engineering and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Highland Prep encourages its students to take as many of these courses as possible for several reasons:

  • Helps students to build a weighted GPA
  • Improves scholarship competitiveness
  • Students have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree in just three years
  • Students enter the workforce a semester or even a year earlier and begin earning
  • Students participate in internships or study abroad opportunities while in college
  • Increase viability of prestigious college acceptances

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
HP believes in exposing as many students as possible to the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum with the goal of each of its students taking one or more AP courses prior to graduation. The Advanced Placement exams are given every school year in May. The AP exam scores are reported to the colleges and universities designated by the student and range from a score of 1 (no recommendation) to a score of 5 (extremely qualified).

Each college or university designated for reporting will determine the scores accepted for college credit and placement. Colleges and universities usually notify students during the summer, after they have received the AP exam scores, about any credit, placement and/or course exemptions the student has earned. Students should check the institution’s website for the most up-to-date AP credit policy information.

To find colleges and universities that offer college credit or placement for AP courses and the minimum score required on the AP exams to earn college credit, select the link below.

Dual Enrollment Courses
HP also believes in providing students with an opportunity to earn college credit during their high school years. Through the Dual Enrollment Program, eligible juniors and seniors may enroll in college courses taught at the school during regular school hours by HP faculty. Student enrolled in these courses can earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. To be eligible, juniors and seniors must pass the college placement tests in reading and math.

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